Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

It’s been 651 days since Calvin Kattar’s Combat Zone MMA has held an event, but they’re finally back! We have the next wave of the New England Cartel along with a plethora of talent from the surrounding area.

MMA Island has the results for you, live from the Doubletree in Manchester NH!

Fights 1-4

I was not present for these fights as I had trouble with entering the event.

Amateur Kickboxing

Fight 5: Alex Mandela (0-0 Triumph BJJ) vs Jarred Digangi (1-1 MMA)

Digangi came in hot with leg kick after leg kick while Mandela returned with a flurry of overhands. After a couple of exchanges, Digangi brings the heat with 7 seconds left in the round. Digangi starts the second round hot with several liver kicks, the Giga Chikadze special. After getting hit by 5 more combos, Mandela pins Digangi to the cage. The same as the last round, Digangi fired combo after combo before Mandela got him to the cage once again. After some inactivity, the ref separated them.

Result: Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) for Jarred Digangi.



Fight 6: Carol Powell (0-0 Nostos MMA) vs Amanda Ferreira (0-0 KTA Nashua)


This match started as a battle of kicks. Neither seemed to be landing effectively until Ferreira started countering Powell’s kicks with swift straights. Seconds after, Powell started hitting her kicks with deadly accuracy but Ferreira was out for blood with vicious overhands that nearly put Powell out. Second round, Powell essentially abandoned the kicks and resorted to only strikes. Ferreira kept the same strategy of waiting and countering hard which was working very well for her. Third round, Powell applied hard pressure but couldn’t throw many effective strikes. Ferreira drastically slowed down only throwing a couple of punches but she made sure to make each one matter.

Results: Unainimous Decison (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) for Amanda Ferreira.



Fight 7: Daniel Honeywell (0-0 Triumph BJJ) vs Joe Peters (0-0 KTA Nashua)


Peters starts with the heat backing up Honeywell with strikes into the cage and absolutely pounding him. Lucky for Honeywell, they get separated about a minute in. Unfourneatly they end up in the exact same spot. Honeywell, clearly showing fatigue, was unable to throw anything with much power in the second round. The third round was even worse for Honeywell who took a constant beating until the ref had seen enough.

Results: 1:38 R3 TKO (punches) for Joe Peters.



No-Gi Grappling Superfight (Submission only)

Fight 8: Hugo Marques (617 Fight Sports) vs Shawn Melanson (Aqueous)

Melanson gets the takedown early and forces Marques into butterfly guard. Marques is able to stand up and take Melanson’s back against the cage. Melanson saves himself a little but taking bottom rear mount. Through a scramble, both men end up back on their feet. After some grip fighting, Marques sits down and pulls spider guard, which ends up with him getting straight ankle locked which could not be finished. They both stand back up before Melanson sits down this time, with Marques taking half guard. Marques almost gets to mount when Melanson slides out. Marques takes another seat and plays bottom knee slices. He then fakes a leg lock before taking top once again. Marques nearly sinks in a heel hook before the bell rings.

Results: Draw.



Amateur MMA


Fight 9: Kyle Hill (1-0 Nostos MMA) vs Evan Aubrey (1-2 Defensive Edge)

Hill hits early with a clean head kick before Aubrey returns with a knockdown which he recovers from. Hill slams Aubrey right on the canvas and takes side control. Aubrey stands up but gets single-legged back to the ground and mounted. Aubrey bridges to escape the position, and returns to his feet. Hill hits another head kick to stumble Kyle. Hill once against takes Aubrey down, this time with a double leg takedown. takes Aubrey’s back, and sinks a rear-naked choke in tight.

Results: 2:50 R1 Submission (Rear Naked Choke) for Kyle Hill.



Fight 10: Joe Movessian (0-0 Zichelle MMA & Fitness) vs Drew Yeadon (0-0 Regiment Training Center)

Movessian starts early swinging for the fences, hitting Yeardon a couple of times. Yeadon thanks him with a quick takedown but couldn’t hold Movessian down. After a lot of missed strikes, Yeadon downs Movessian who recovers immediately. Yeadon pressure’s kept Movessian on his heels. Movessian starts round 2 fighting more aggressively while Yeadon just waits for the perfect time to counter, and gets it off perfectly. Movessian stunningly lands the takedown on Yeadon and attempts to ground and pound while avoiding leg kicks for the rest of the round. Movessian doesn’t change his strategy, throwing everything except the kitchen sink, at Yeadon before pinning him to the cage and then dragging him. After a triangle attempt, both men return to their feet. Movessian gets a last wind and knocks down Yeadon and nearly finishing him before Yeadon miraculously gets back to his feet and escapes as the final bell rings.

Results: Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) for Joe Movessian.

Note: The crowd erupted with chants of “Bullshit” after the decision was read.



Fight 11: Fred Allen Sfeir (0-0 Renzo Gracie NH) vs Connor Merrill (KTA Nashua)

Sfeir starts off with three devastating kicks before pinning Merrill to the cage and taking the single leg takedown. Through many attempts to get to mount, Sfeir decides he’s satisfied with ground and pound to finish the round out. Fred comes out into round two determined to get that mount taking Merrill down and takes side control. This time, after a long struggle, Sfeir gets to full mount. Merrill reverses the position to get to top open guard to finish out the round. The third round starts off uneventful until Sfeir lands the takedown on Merrill. Merrill rains down the ground and pound as the final round ends.

Results: Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) for Fred Allen Sfeir.



Gi Grappling Super Fight (Submission only)


Fight 12: Dennis Olsen (Triumph BJJ) vs Greg West (Aqueous)

West starts on the ground baiting Olsen into his guard. Olsen is finally able to get his grips as he enters West’s guard. West traps Olsen’s arm and rolls into top side control. Olsen escapes and returns to his feet. Olsen engages West’s guard again, whom gets put into Spider Guard as they play around for the rest of the round.

Results: Draw.




During the intermission, the Kattar family entered the octagon to have a gender reveal for Calvin Kattar’s sister’s baby.

It’s a boy!


Fight 13: Bruce Pacy (0-0 Limitless Pride Martial Arts) vs Nayou Shar (0-0 Lakes Region Vale Tudo)

The heavyweights clashed with constant volume. Shar throws a giant shot that put Pacy’s lights out. The knockout was so spectacular that Pacy’s friends even admitted “it was awesome.” It also earned him the “Fighter of the Night” award.

Result: 1:09 R1 KO for Nayou Shar.



Fight 14: Jideofor Ojukwu (2-1 Citidale) vs Jeff Reynolds (2-1 KTA Nashua/Triumph BJJ)

Ojukwu attempts the early takedown but fails, pinning Reynolds to the cage. After taking several punches to the side, Ojukwu finishes his takedown to take side control with 15 seconds in the first round. To start round 2, Reynolds clinches Ojukwu and I unleashes a knee. Ojukwu attempts another takedown but fails. When Reynolds goes for a head kick and misses, he slips and Ojukwu jumps on him to take side son troll and then his back, up to mount to finish off the round. To kick off round 3, Ojukwu pins Reynolds to the cage before taking him down. Reynolds is quick to stand up but hets pinned back to the cage. Taken down again, Reynolds turns to his side as he gets ground and pounded. Ojukwu proceeds to take Reynold’s back and then shift into full mount as the final bell rings.

Result: Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) for Jideofor Ojukwu.



Professional MMA


Fight 15: Tom Pagliarulo (2-0 New England Cartel) vs Elias de Olivera (0-0 Elias MMA)


The newest member of the New England Cartel didn’t want to wait tonight. Within seconds he hurt Olivera and responded to a double leg with an uppercut, dropping Olivera before finishing him with deadly Ground and Pound. 11 seconds!

Results: 0:11 R1 TKO (Punches) for Tom Pagliarulo.



Fight 16: Nick Fiore (2-0 Renzo Gracie NH/New England Cartel) vs Jerome Mickle (3-9 NY MMA)

The exchanges start with Fiore throwing kicks and Mickle throwing punches. Fiore lands a mission of a cross which drops Mickle before failing a guillotine. Fiore takes down Mickle and employs his Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, scrambling between top positions before finishing the fight with a mounted triangle.

Results: 3:19 R1 Submission (Mounted Triangle) for Nick Fiore.



Amateur MMA Title Fight


Fight 17: Carlton Charles (3-2 M) vs Spenser Payne (Black)


The title fight main event starts with one-off exchanges. Payne lands a big shot that drops Charles. After Charles stands up, Payne slams him back down and takes full mount, holding it for the rest of the round. Payne’s had enough by the second round and puts Charles out with a head kick.

Results: 0:58 R2 KO (Head Kick) for Spenser Payne.


By Andrew Mac

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