Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

John “Hollywood” Sweeney is coming off a hot 2021. The bantamweight fighter got three straight wins during the year and is a prospect to look out for. The South Carolina fighter looks to add to this when he fights UFC veteran Cole Smith at XMMA 4.

The streaking ‘Hollywood’ seemed to be positive that a win in this fight will be his ticket to the UFC.

“I believe this is the one that’s gonna get the odds and let people know I’m for real,” Sweeney told MMA Island. “I got true skills and I’m a world-class athlete, a world-class fighter and this is exactly the type of win I need to put me right over that hump.”

Sweeney stated that he doesn’t really need a finish to get a call from the UFC. He emphasized, however that he is a finisher by nature. He seemed confident that if he fights the way he does and performs the way he does, he will get the call from the UFC.

“I just need to fight [and put on] a good show and I’m a performer. That’s why they call me Hollywood and Imma go out there, Imma do my thing and when they see this fight, they’re gonna know, ‘this guy belongs in the UFC.'”

Sweeney then gave his “mystic mac” prediction for this fight. He said that he was predicting a finish in 37 seconds, before. However, the way he was feeling, he now predicts it to end in 36 seconds, instead.

He was then asked if he had a message for Dana White and the UFC matchmakers. His words were simple, yet effective.

“A lot of people say that they deserve this, they deserve that- you deserve what you get. You work hard and if you get that opportunity, you get it. You just can’t f*ck up when you get it. So, all I wanna say is, I hope you guys tune in to the show and once you see me and once you see how I perform and my style, they’re gonna know. I was born to be in the UFC and be putting guys’ lights out and be putting on a show.”

Sweeney last fought in XMMA at XMMA 2 when he knocked out Dre Miley in 33 seconds. Tune in to XMMA 4 to watch him fight Cole Smith.

By Sidharth Kudva

Sidharth Kudva is an 18 year old rapper, poet, writer and journalist living in the city of Thane in Maharashtra, India.