Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

ADCC organizer Mo Jassim entered a war of words with Robert Drysdale accusing him and Andre Galvao of colluding against Marcelo Garcia to win the ADCC 2007 absolute title.

Drysdale won the 2007 absolute championship, defeating Garcia by Darce choke in the finals, but competed against his training partner, Galvao, in the semifinal.

Jassim feels as though the current ADCC superfight champion took a dive to allow Drysdale to enter the final fresh.

Jassim posted on his Instagram story, his displeasure with Drysdale.

As the post states Garcia would have made history if he could have won the match with a finish, Garcia is yet to come out and make a comment.

The ADCC absolute title was just about the only thing that illuded the Brazilian throughout his career, although most people look at him as the greatest fighter in ADCC history.

The assumptions have also been backed up by Galvao admitting the fight was rigged.

Galvao was even punished for supposedly fixing the match, by having to qualify for the 2009 ADCC through the trials process.

Yet Drysdale still insists his innocence and that he played no part in the dive.

The two have been going back and forth, in a heated manner, on Instagram since the story was posted, with the conversation shown in this video by BJJ World, with the Galvao v Drysdale and Garcia v Drysdale matches attached.