Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

BJJ blackbelt Orlando Sanchez claims Sean Strickland is a gym bully following their scuffle at the RVCA gym last week.

Sanchez and Strickland got into an altercation when Sanchez hit a quick submission when training together, to which Strickland responded with a backfist and front kick and accused him of trying to injure him.

The video below from Just DeWitte, shows the incident.

Sanchez says many people have reached out with stories of the UFC middleweight bullying people in the gym and claims he knocked someone out just days before.

“I’ve had hundreds on messages saying, ‘I wish you beat his as*, he’s such a bully, every time he spars he beats everybody up, he’s such an a**hole.’

“I know he knocked somebody out a RVCA two days before that.”

“Big O” gave his account of the leadup to the incident between then and claims Strickland was taunting fighters in the gym as well as his friend.

“He (Strickland) was sparring with one of our friends, a mutual friend, and he kept running his mouth and saying stupid sh*t to him. But it wasn’t any of my business I stayed out of it.

“And then he (Strickland) came over to where we were standing, we were in the boxing ring with boxing gloves on and my homie had his hat on backwards because we were just doing footwork drills.

“He (Strickland) comes over and starts rambling about how my buddy Big Boy doesn’t belong in the gym. He said ‘you can always tell when someone doesn’t belong in the gym because they do stupid sh*t like wearing a hat in the boxing ring’.”

After this Strickland went on to taunt Sanchez verbally and with hand gestures.

So that’s when he (Strickland) goes ‘who the fu*k is Orlando?’. And I was like ‘I’m a nobody’.” Sanchez said. “And we were just kind of teasing, but someone told him I was a jiu-jitsu world champion, and he’s (Strickland) is like ‘oh jiu-jitsu world champion, this is what I think of jiu-jitsu *sideways hand gesture*’, he started doing stupid sh*t like that.

“It still didn’t bother me at all, he then started talking more sh*t about jiu-jitsu. He (Strickland) then came over and said ‘what do you do? Wrestle or jiu-jitsu?’ and before I said anything he (Strickland) goes ‘regardless of who you are, or what you’ve done, I’m still gonna beat the fu*k outta you’ those were his exact words.”

Sanchez claims he wasn’t a training partner of Strickland’s and wasn’t aware of his upcoming fight with Uriah Hall on July 31, as Jason Parillo prompted the two to grapple each other.

“After that was when Parillo was like ‘Orlando do it come on, come on, go grapple with him one time.’ That’s where the video started. From the get-go I don’t know who he is, I didn’t know he had a fight, I didn’t know nothing.

“So, it wasn’t how everyone was making it out to be like he’s my training partner and I have to take care of him.”

The 39-year-old said he wanted to show Strickland who was boss and that he would never purposefully hurt someone.

“He was some guy coming at me saying he was gonna beat my as*. So, I had to show him I was under control from the get-go.” Sanchez said.” That’s basically all I did, nothing to hurt him, nothing to be a di*k.

“Those of you that know me know I would never do that, I would never hurt my training partners intentionally, I just had to show who was in charge.”

The ADCC gold medallist defended his actions, saying the arm crank wasn’t a dirty move.

“If you’re gonna hold and crank it, even then I don’t think it’s a dirty move, it’s not a dirty move.

“If you’re using it to hurt somebody or cranking it all the way up and holding it and the guy is saying something and you‘re not letting go, okay.

“I was under control I’ve been doing this for 15 years; I know how far I pushed it. I tapped his elbow it went two inches.”

The two have since made up and Sanchez wishes Strickland luck in his next fight.

“He apologized right after the video, and we were cool. He even wrote me afterwards saying ‘I’m sorry for my reaction, I reacted like an idiot.’ It’s all good for me I don’t care, I don’t hold that personally.

“Sean it’s all good, I’ve got no problem with him, I wish him well, I hope he beats Uriah Hall.”