Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Sean Strickland threw and punch at jiu-jitsu competitor Orlando Sanchez, and got into a heated argument during training.

Strickland has been working with Sanchez in preparation for his headlining bout with Uriah Hall at a UFC Fight Night on July 31.

“Big O” is one of the best nogi grapplers in the world, being an ADCC champion, honors held by the likes of Jacare Souza and Fabrico Werdum.

Sanchez is also a former MMA fighter going 4-0-1, in his career.

The video below from Just DeWitte, shows the incident.

Sanchez attempted a quick armlock submission, to which Strickland responded with a backfist and front kick and accused him of trying to injure him.

Strickland went on a rant after.

“You motherf*cker!” Strickland said. “What the f*ck? Why, bro, why? Get away from me. Get away. What the f*ck, man? Why, dude?”

Sanchez calmly asked Strickland what the matter was and questioned Strickland’s anger at the submission.

“Dude, how the f*ck is it a d*ck move?” Sanchez said. “It’s grappling, it’s f*cking grappling. How is it a f*cking dick move, it’s a submission. That’s a submission, bro. Why the f*ck did you punch me? I’m not hurting you, that was quick submission.”

Strickland is currently on a good run in the middleweight division, with a four fight win streak.

The two continued to grapple after the incident, but Strickland stopped it again, complaining about arm and the argument continued.

“That was not malicious whatsoever,” Sanchez said. “If I wanted to f*cking break it I would have f*cking broken it in half. Watch the f*cking video. You need to learn how to not get underhooks like that, it’s a dangerous position to put your arm. Now you learned something.”

As Strickland exited the cage, Strickland began to threaten Sanchez.

“Stop running your f*cking mouth, dude,” Strickland said. “Or now I’m gonna throw some hands at you. We’re gonna turn this into an MMA match if you keep running your mouth.”

On Tuesday, Strickland posted the video on his Instagram, stating they would be back at it on Friday.