Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Team USA defeated Team UK and Ireland at Polaris Squads 3 and Kyle Boehm captured the Polaris nogi heavyweight title in Southampton on Saturday night.

The third addition of Polaris Squads pitted reigning champions Team UK and Ireland against team USA, with team USA coming out with the 7-0 victory, after 2 hours of fighting.

Nathan Orchard opened the scoring, with three points in the first half, after securing a neck crank submission over the heavier opponent Kieran Davern, with just 30 seconds left on the clock.

With Team UK being forced to chase in the second half Roberto Jimenez was the next to put points on the board, earning a rear naked choke finish on a same weight opponent, Bradly Hill, in under a minute, giving them a 4-0 lead.

With only eight minutes of fighting left Team USA secured an insurmountable lead of 7-0 when Geo Martinez defeated the heavier Dan Strauss, after Strauss tore his pectoral and was unable to continue.

Nathan Orchard won the most valuable grappler award on the night and thanked his team in his post-fight interview.

“I never thought I’d get to represent my country at this level, I never even imagined it, so to walk out named the most valuable grappler, that’s a huge honor.” Orchard said. “But every single one of us did our part tonight, it wasn’t just me at all. Maybe I got the ball rolling but they kept it rolling, so I couldn’t do it without everyone, everyone is just as valuable.”

Arguably however, Jed Hue from Team UK and Ireland could have captured the award.

Despite not securing any points, the brown belt was constantly going for the finish and had the most entertaining fights and was unlucky not to get a submission, against far more experienced grapplers.

Kyle Boehm finished, late replacement, Silviu Nastasa in lightning-quick fashion, when he fell back on an inside heel-hook, just 30 seconds in, to win the Polaris nogi heavyweight belt.

Boehm used his time on the mic to call out and threaten some of the worlds very best nogi grapplers.

“Bring me the toughest guy you can find, I’ll go against anybody, at heavyweight I’m the best submission grappler in the world.” Boehm said. “Kaynan (Duarte) I’ll break his leg, Craig (Jones) I’ll take his back and strangle him, Felipe (Pena) I’ll break his leg it doesn’t matter, give me anybody I’ll beat any of them.”