Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

XMMA returns once again andsets up shop at the Fillmore in New Orleans, Louisiana. Showcasing up and coming talent alongside more well known names, XMMA is looking to put on a show worthy of encore at the famous New Orleans music venue. Some familiar faces to fight fans might be the likes of fight game vets such as Sasha Palatnikov, Tateki Matsuda, Kyle Bochniak, John Howard, Jared Gooden, and John Dodson. On the horizon, perhaps, are fighters like John Sweeney and Ange Loosa.

The co-main and main event that we’ll be waiting for all night will be well worth the wait, seeing former UFC challengers face off in action packed throwdowns. Curtis Millender and Jared Gooden are looking to refresh their careers and get back on win streaks. Perennial showman John Dodson is also looking to bounce back in his matchup against Francisco Rivera, who has fought a “who’s who” of MMA talent.


Andrew Garrette vs. Justin Meade fight result:

Andrew Garrette defeats Justin Meade via ground & pound (TKO, Round 1)

Josh Harvey vs. Aldi Edwards fight result:

Adli Edwards defeats Josh Harvey via head and arm choke (Submission, Round 1)

Louie Sanoudakis vs. Tateki Matsuda fight result:

Louis Sanoudakis defeats Tateki Matsuda via unanimous decision

Westin Wilson vs. Tyrek Malveaux fight result:

Westin Wilson defeats Tyrek Malveaux via guillotine (Submission, Round 1)

Kyron Bowen vs. Sasha Palatnikov fight result:

Sasha Palatnikov defeats Kyron Bowen via ground and pound (TKO, Round 1)

John Sweeney vs. Cole Smith fight result:

John Sweeney defeates Cole Smith via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


Kyle Stewart vs. Zak Ottow fight result:

Kyle Stewart defeats Zak Ottow via unanimous decision

John Howard vs. Ange Loosa fight result:

Ange Loosa defeats John Howard via unanimous decision

Kyle Bochniak vs. Carlton Minus fight result:

Kyle Bochniak defeats Carlton Minus via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Curtis Millender vs. Jared Gooden fight result:

Jared Golden defeats Carlton Minus via calf kicks (TKO, Round 2)

John Dodson vs. Francisco Rivera Jr. fight result:

John Dodson defeats Francisco Rivera Jr. via unanimous decision